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TU Games Of The Week Oct 25, 2014
This weeks Games of the Week belong to two of the U14 dynamic-duo teams of Temecula United. Watch Jose Dominguez U14 Girls lace it up for their game against the Oceanside Breakders at Birdsall @ 430pm. Right afterward, Neil Tomison's U14 Boys team take on San Marcos @ 6pm in a battle of heavy weights. Lets get out there and watch both U14 teams try and pin a couple of losses on their respective opponents!




Birdsall #3

4:30 PM

GU14 Dominguez vs Oceanside Breakers

Birdsall #3

6:00 PM

BU14 Tomison vs San Marcos Revolution

    Presidio League Champions
  • BU8 - Coach Tom Carter
  • BU10 - Coach Matt Sayers
  • BU12 - Coach Dru Ream
  • BU16 - Coach Miguel Pineda
  • GU13 - Coach Ahmed ElSayad
  • GU16 - Coach James Daza
    SDDA Champions
  • GU15 - Coach Don Maurer
    League Runner Ups
  • BU12 - Mike Richards (Presidio)
  • BU14 - Trevor Wolf (Presidio)
  • BU17 - Coach Mark Anselmo (SDDA)
  • GU13 - Coach Jose Dominguez (Presidio)
 ** GU14 Academy Coach Jose Dominguez is looking for 1 to 2 strong midfielder/forward players.
 Here are the great pictures submitted by TU players for the Temecula United Summer Photo Contest. We would like to thank again all participants who submitted an entry. It was difficult to choose from all the great pictures!

Shout-outs to Nathan the Goalie, Alyssa in Seattle, Michaela "Hike and Kayak" Francescon, Anna "In Canada" Arbon, Cassidy "Juggling Queen" Drago, Emmy "Aloha" Eskridge, Grant "New York New York" Gotuzzo, Coach El's entire U13 Girls team and Calvin "llama" Maggiore-Anet. With out any further ado, the winners are...

1st Place - Natalie Mitchell with Megan Rapinoe of the Seattle Reign/US Women's National team in Seattle!
2nd Place - Jordan Strand zip-lining in Puerta Vuerta, Mexico.
3rd Place - Anthony Shaheen at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Congrats to all participants and Temecula United looks forward to next summers Second Annual Summer Photo Contest! Go to the Temecula United website to view all the cool pictures.
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